The Most Romantic Cities

1.Paris, Prancis
One of the most romantic cities this is a fantastic city that is the capital city of France. It is one of the most attractive cities that give you a feeling of love and romance. The city is well known for its appetizing tastes of wines and lip smacking desserts. It is due to these reasons that people find it to be one of the most romantic cities. There are a lot of places to visit that bring everyone into the most romantic mood. Hotels and shopping malls in the city are a major attraction. You can purchase the gift of your choice from the malls. The museums and other historical places are a must see. The Eiffel tower is a gigantic structure that must not be missed out on your visit here. Besides the romantic city of Paris also has scenic views that make it the most romantic city.

2.Venice, Italy
Situated in Italy this romantic city has lots to offer. There are a lot of places for sightseeing that is sure to make you have a fantastic time. Ranging from churches, museums and historical monuments this romantic city has it all. Gondola ride is the most thrilling ride for people of all age groups. This is the best opportunity for you to get a view of the romantic city. The Ca'D'Oro is a palace that has ornaments trimmed in pure gold. It is believed that in the year 1434 this marvelous palace was beautifully designed and created by Marino Contarini for his wife. The city also boasts of its picturesque views and shopping malls. Get into the most romantic mood on your visit to this city and have a great time here.

3.San Francisco
This is just the most romantic city to visit. The couples are sure to get into the most vivacious spirits throughout their visit to this amazing city. You can go for shopping throughout the day and the nighttime can be spent watching a romantic movie together. It is amazing to take a carriage ride through the central park. Your visit to this most romantic city would be incomplete without witnessing the nightlife here. The nightlife comprises of lovely music, a romantic movie, dancing and singing. Besides the hotels offer a great ambiance to dine in and have a wonderful time with your dearest one. There are also a wide variety of shopping malls and museums. Have the most enticing time visiting this romantic city.

There are a lot of major attractions in this beautiful and romantic city. The city has various romantic places that will allow you to spend your time in each other's company. The American Repertory Theater is known to be the cities most renowned resident theatres that is nestled in the Loeb Center in Harvard Square. The theatre portrays a combination of the various forms of art like drama, music and comedy. There are various parks and museums that are sure to make your journey to this attractive place interesting. The city also has parks and other secluded places for having a romantic time.

5.New York,USA
This is a perfect romantic city to visit for those who want to have an exciting time or just want to keep themselves occupied during a vacation. The people are in vivacious spirits throughout. You can shop for your favorite things during the day and a late night romantic movie with your dearest one would be an excellent idea. A lovely carriage ride through the central park is amazing. You can opt for the best hotels to lodge and dine in. The visit to this romantic city would be incomplete without witnessing the nightlife that comprises of a movie in the theatre, dancing and singing. The hotels provide a perfect ambiance to dine in and have a great time. The Pierre hotel provides excellent service that will allow you to have a comfortable stay here. The best hotel to opt for your stay here would be the Peninsula since it is very close to the major attractions in New York and shopping malls and museums too are easily accessible.

One of the major cities located in Austria this is one place that mingles together in ethnicity, style and sophistication. The city is sure to bring a lasting impression to anyone who pays a visit the very first time. With numerous churches and museums your trip to this fantastic city is sure to be amazing. Besides these if you want to spend an evening in tranquility then the parks are the best places you must visit. The city hall park is a famous and massive park that has a wonderful decoration that is worthwhile. The central tower is the most outstanding feature of the park. The city also has famous restaurants for a comfortable stay. Have a fun filled time in this romantic city.

7.New Orleans
The city of New Orleans is famous for its colors and festivities. Besides food, music and cruises provide great entertainment to all. There could be nothing more romantic than going on a cruise with your loved one. There are also fascinating boat trips that are sure to have the most romantic time. Museums and parks are a common sight to see in this romantic city. A carriage ride along with your beloved would be the most thrilling. The carriage takes you to the French Quarter and many other landmarks of New Orleans. The city also offers you the most attractive visit to the river swamps. Majority of the part is covered in wildlife area. Come to this beautiful place and have a great time.

8.Monte – Carlo, Monaco
This is an attractive place that has a unique history of its own. It is one of the most important places of Monaco. Dotted with scenic beauty and beaches this is a romantic city that should not be missed out. It is due to this reason that people from all over come to visit this beautiful city. There are a lot of places to visit here. Some of them include the old town of Monaco – Ville that envelops the palace on the southwest side of the Monaco Harbor. The visit to this city is sure to have a lasting impression on you forever. The city being extended into the rock and the sea allows one to spend time amidst tranquility and have a romantic time. There are some buildings that are built on the water and this is one of the most idealistic places.

9.London, Inggris
Nestled in the heart of England London is the major hub for tourist attractions. The romantic city is dotted with number of castles, churches and villages and cathedrals. This is a great city to visit during your holidays and if you want to get out of your busy schedules. London is the capital city of England and is one of the most happening cities. The Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and the Windsor Palace are worth a visit. Manchester is the center of attention for different tiny villages and towns and is one of the romantic places to visit. There are the beaches that are sure to bring you into the most romantic mood. So have a fantastic time her.

10.Melbourne, Australia
The second largest city in Australia, Melbourne has a large number of shopping malls that enable you to purchase the perfect gift for your loved one. Besides malls the romantic city also has boutiques that offer a wide variety of daily use articles and trendy clothes and other things. The art and architecture are a major attraction. Well known for its sporting events the city also has people who are often a part of the various festivities that take place in the city. The Australian football league a well-known event is often staged in this beautiful city. The rising and setting sun can be captured in your cameras. So don't miss out on this romantic city on your visit to Australia and have a fabulous time.

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