Happy Birthday Friend

My precious friend, today is
your day, I pray that God brings
much happiness your way.

You have shared your life
through your smiles and pain,
spread your wings through the
warm falling rains.

Your words of wisdom, they
come so free, I will always
be one to look up to thee.

Like a brother you are always
there, like a parent sheading
her tender loving care.

Your tenderness, your gentleness,
so naturally they come, from your
loving heart, bright as the sun.

Putting aside your own life's struggles,
just to bring hope to all, not a more
gentle soul, will I ever recall.

This world, a much better place,
your existance, your heart, so
filled with grace.

Your words they touch so deep within,
touching many lives, leaving tears,
laughter and grins.

The gold dust that you sprinkle
from your wings, blessing my heart,
my visions of a sweet little Lady,
pushing her cart.

My precious friend, today is your
day, I send my love and best wishes
your way. May God bless you in all
that you do, Happy birthday dear and
thank you for being you.

Kemarin tanggal 22 Agustus, My best friend, Wibi ultah, dan... abislah dia diguyur sama teman-teman (termasuk gw donk!).

Dan Hari ini kita ditraktir makan-makan di PIM.. asyiknya!

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